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What is Reactive Web Design?

Reactive Web Design goes by a few different names. You may also hear it referred to as Responsive, Receptive, or Adaptive Design. These terms all refer to the way your website appears on different size screens. I prefer to use the term “Reactive” since it implies that the website reacts to something. In this case, when reactive design is applied to a website, it will react to the screen it’s being viewed upon and actually change the way the site looks in order to improve the user’s experience and usability.


What does it look like?

Let’s check out an example of how reactive design works. When you visit on your computer, the website will display like the example photo below.


reactive web design louisville



When viewed on a mobile device, the website will conform to the screen size and the design will automatically change based on that screen size. This is how the same website looks on a mobile device:




As you can see from the mobile screenshots above, the menu has now become much easier to view and use on a mobile device.


What’s the difference between a reactive design and a mobile website?

  • Reactive design only requires one URL as the website’s design adapts to the screen size instead of redirecting to a separate mobile URL. Only having to manage one URL is makes things simpler when it comes time to renew your domain. Having your content and links in one place will also increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by making sure your site loads quickly by not having to redirect to separate URLs based on the screen size.
  • Content is updated in one place. A website that utilizes reactive design is built upon a single content management system as opposed to a separate mobile site that is built upon its own content management system. So when it’s time to change the content of the site, you’re only doing that once with a single login. Reactive design saves time and is more convenient than managing two separate sites.
  • With a reactive design, users will generally have access to more content instead of an abbreviated version of the website.
  • Typically, a mobile site will not be optimized for use on a tablet. However, reactive design can be optimized for various tablet screen sizes, making the user experience better based on the specific size of their tablet.


I already have a website. Is it too late to convert it to a reactive layout?

It’s never too late to convert to reactive design. Contact us and let us know you are interested in converting your site to a reactive layout. Let us help you keep up with the latest trends and serve the growing number of customers who use devices other than a computer to access your website.