The first, and most important, step in bringing your video assets to the Internet is the digitizing and encoding process.  We can compress your video and audio to fit your needs. We offer streaming video services that enable you to put your video on a server or the web. Streaming video will allow the viewer to watch it immediately depending on the speed of their connection. We can create a streaming media file that will auto detect your viewers connection and give them the best possible quality without them having to wait for it to download. Streaming video can be compressed into various files to play in various players including: Real Networks, Windows Media, QuickTime, and MP3.


We also offer video compression for CD and DVD. MPEG Compression is the best for this. By compressing your video to an MPEG I file, you can distribute it on a CD allowing anyone with a computer to view it. These CD’s can automatically play or be clicked on for viewing. MPEG II compression is used for DVD and produces a very high quality compression, but can also be used as a means to transfer video from one system to another for editing purposes.


We understand that each video is unique and requires detailed attention to custom settings in order to produce the best quality digital reproduction. All of our videos are encoded individually, not fed into a “one size fits all” encoding batch process. We have made the investment into our encoding infrastructure that allows us to encode and trans-code high volumes while delivering the highest quality. Our clients take their video work seriously and Media Peoples matches their intensity and focus. The result is a video presentation of incomparable clarity and quality.


1 – 10 $39
11 – 30 $50
31 – 60 $75
61 – 90 $95
91 – 120 $125