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“Recording at Island Earth was like hanging out in your living room with your cool cousins. The vibe is cozy, comfortable, and relaxed, both in and out of the room. There’s a great range of equipment, funky lamps for setting the mood, and made for a great time in Louisville. Dustin “Tuck” Tucker and the staff were professional and funny. We’ll be back for sure.”

“I’ve recorded at Island Earth Studios a few times now and hope to record there many more. It’s a super-friendly environment with people that just want you to achieve exactly what you hear in your head. The IE folks are always excited about your session and excited about getting the sound just right. I’m a big fan of these cats.”

“My vocals sound amazing!! loved recording with you.. I will see you soon..”

“We were floored by how great our music sounded at such an affordable price. We would recommend recording at Island Earth Studios to any band that cares about their music, and wants it recorded in a relaxed, no stress setting. I doubt we will ever record at any other studio as long as we live in Louisville.“

“Island Earth Studios is a perfect spot for capturing the excitement and immediacy of a live sound. BJ Young, the engineer and also a great producer, is really sensitive to listening for that magic moment and focusing everyone in the room towards it. You’ll leave happy!“

“Had a great time recording my album there!!!”

“ Island Earth Studios felt like home to me. We’ve recorded a few tunes at the studio thus far, with stellar results, and we’re breaking ground later this month on our fourth album and we couldn’t be more excited. the overall vibe is friendly, cool and accommodating. And while the space is modest-sized, the acoustics are grand and there’s an great location in Louisville.“

“Very Professional!! Attention to detail and a pleasure to work with someone that truly loves what he does!!!”

“Island Earth is a really cool studio that you can let loose in. Once you close the door nothing matters but the music. All the guys that work there are ultra relaxed but diligent and understand what it takes to get a great sound.”