We are a highly experienced team of cameramen that are equipped to meet all of your video needs.  We have filmed everything from television shows, music videos, trade shows, training videos and much more.  Our crew specializes in lighting, audio, directing, and we even assist with script production.  Our cameramen are equipped to travel should you need to film on location.


Our team is equipped with all of the latest technology to bring your video to life.  All footage is shot in High Definition (HD) to provide superior quality.  We also use state of the art production tools and techniques while editing your video to ensure that our clients are provided with the best quality possible.  We provide your footage on a hard drive, DVD’s, or in it’s native format depending on your preference.

Website Videos

In today’s market place, many of our clients are transitioning their marketing budgets from television and radio to adding video to their websites.  Adding videos to your website is a wonderful way to increase Search Engine Optimization, effectively and intimately, while communicating with your client base.

High Definition Shoot Prices

* Setup and supplies for shoot: $ 149
* Digital Camera, tripod, camera audio, computer backup and operator: $ 199/hr

Shoot Add-ons

* Professional lighting package & assistant: $ 80/hr
* Professional Audio package & operator: $ 80/hr
* Jib Boom / Camera Crane & operator: $ 500/for the shoot
* Camera dolly & operator: $ 250/for the shoot
* Mileage beyond 25 miles each way: $ .57 mile
* Videographer’s drive time beyond one hour each way: $ 23 hr

All (HD) Footage

All footage shot in High Definition (HD) will provide superior visual quality, and will be processed utilizing state-of-the-art production tools and techniques for optimum production values. Footage will be provided on an Hard Drive or on DVDs in its native format. (Please allow one full day to process)