Firefox Browser Tips

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Note: Mac users substitute Open Apple for ALT, and Command Key for CTRL.

ALT-D to jump insertion point to address bar.
Instead of lunging for your mouse, try this slick technique for opening a new page.  Press ALT-D, and your insertion point (cursor) will jump to the address bar. Then simply overtype the existing address.
CTRL-Enter to type “www…com” quickly.
When combined with ALT-D above, this works wonders!  Once you are in the address bar, there is no need to type the http:// prefix or the www. or the .com domain names.  Simply type the middle portion of the desired address, and press CTRL-Enter.e.g. If you type CNN and press CTRL-Enter, you will go to
CTRL-Mouse wheel spin to enlarge or shrink page font size
That screen font is too small or too large for you?  No worries, simply spin your mousewheel while holding CTRL.  Your font size changes incrementally.

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25 awesome iPhone tips and tricks

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iPhone-aTurn iBooks into audio books: Like most smartphones, the iPhone has a number of accessibility options. One feature is called VoiceOver and it can read aloud any text on the screen. While designed primarily for the seeing impaired, anyone can take advantage of this feature if they want to turn an e-book into an audiobook. Now you can listen while commuting to and from work, while closing your eyes in bed or when jogging down the street. To activate it, go to Settings, then General, followed by Accessibility. Finally, swipe to change VoiceOver from Off to On. You’ll also be able to tweak settings, such as the speed of voice reading to you. She sounds like the voice of Siri, by the way.


Quick access a draft email: You probably know you can start an email and save it as a draft to finish or review at a later time — if not, when you’re typing an email, tap Cancel and then select Save Draft — but here’s a super quick way to access your message draft when you’re ready to continue working on it: Open up the Mail app, touch and hold the Compose button (the icon of the small pencil in the square) and after a second or two it’ll automatically take you to your last saved message draft. Neat, huh? Otherwise, you need to open Mail, select the email account, select Drafts and then find the message.

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